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Fire Alarm


Fire alarm systems in residential and commercial buildings constructed before the year 2000 have, largely, reached end of life and/or contain parts that are either expensive to maintain or obsolete altogether. Component failures such as smoke detector false alarms can reduce system dependability, increase the incidence of ignored signals, and ultimately detract from life safety.

Action Electric provides turn-key fire alarm replacement solutions, or alternatively can work with existing engineers to complete a project to specification. As partners in the success of our clients, Action will also make recommendations for specific upgrades that could save money during potential future projects.

Commercial & Residential Code Upgrades

Buildings with no pre-existing fire alarm or with a pre-existing, three-wire fire alarm system, require a new installation. This consists either of a full upgrade to current code or a tailored solution that is satisfactory to and approved by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

Typically, these installations require:

  • Fire alarm panel
  • ULC dialer
  • Annunciator
  • Riser
  • Pull stations
  • Smoke & heat detectors

Able to work with any manufacturer, Action Electric can implement all aspects of a new fire alarm installation or upgrade to meet the exact needs of any site.

Industrial Code Upgrades

Fire alarm upgrades at industrial sites require special consideration in order to reflect the nature of the fire hazards present. In these situations, organizations are at higher risk of productivity and revenue loss; accidental shutdowns or releases can have damaging effects to the bottom line of an organization. Action Electric will select a project team based on each member’s industry experience, ensuring the most appropriate custom solution is conceived in a manner that eliminates costly risks. This team will work alongside the owners, engineers, AHJ, and other stakeholders to ensure an optimal design and implementation.

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